Oh my my

He hadn’t experienced so much positive media exposure since appearing as a key prosecution witness in the Cock Robin murder case. And that was some while ago.

To be honest, despite what he put out on Flitter and the fluff his new agent is saying on the morning chat shows, landing on Pence’s head while the cameras were rolling hadn’t been planned, wasn’t a clever ploy to revive a flagging career, nor was it anything to do with the book just about to come out in time for the Christmas market. It was all really serendipity. Having heard there was some shit going down, he had flown into the venue from the local piggery not two blocks away, buzzed around awhile, and then feeling somewhat overheated by all the camera lights, he felt in need of a rest; Pence’s pate was the nearest landing point, and the rest is histoire, as they say.

His agent is currently doing the rounds, playing off the Donald against Sleepy Joe, see if either of them would like some help with the numbers.

Negotiations continue.

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8 Responses to Oh my my

  1. Nicky says:

    Fabulous – so up to the minute, had a really good giggle

  2. Pj says:

    Hi Dad, I loved your Fly Story ❤️

  3. Don’t want to be a fly in the oinking and though pigs might, I really enjoyed this, Patrick. Worth the fly pence piece subscription any day of the week. Cheers,

  4. elaine17 says:

    Love it! Nothing if not topical, and very funny and clever.

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