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What Happens in Elsinore

For Friday Fictioneers The director was spitting feathers. “What the hell’s got into you two? For god’s sake. Curtain-up was delayed by eight minutes. That just shouldn’t happen.” The two actors looked sheepish. “Sorry, got into role too soon. Anyhow, … Continue reading

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A Close Shave

The terrorists hadn’t quite realized that Shakespeare’s Macbeth is more fiction than fact and so made a detailed study of Macduff’s successful strategy for the final battle against the confident tyrant. Calling themselves the Act V Battalion, they failed to … Continue reading

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Sombre it ain’t

God, the funeral service was grim. The minister was a sour old stick spouting fire and brimstone gobbledy gook, and all of them, what was left of my friends and family, all old and grey and withering away, were ground … Continue reading

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When the queen met the king “So, how long have you been here?” “Oh, a while, a while. Since the sixteen hundreds latest. Could have been much earlier. Same as you, quite probably.” “Aye, I suspect. Anyhow, I really miss … Continue reading

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