God bless us

I must have been one of the last to hear the good news. It came out last night at around ten o’clock. As usual I was too drunk to pay any attention to what was going on around me. But I must say I was wondering what all the cheering and fireworks were about and why the church bells were ringing.

Well, this morning everyone’s talking about it, even the mainstream media. And why not? It’s been a while since it was agreed the firing squad would be introduced as an alternative for those on death row and all that was holding things up was the absence of an appropriate venue. Well, last night, apparently, the Governor announced everything was in place and that anyone who wants to be one of the shooters can apply. Application forms, according to her spokesperson, are available from any NRA affiliated gun club.

So here I am waiting for that form along with any number of other dutiful citizens. The queue is stretching around the block and friendly volunteers are walking up and down handing out plastic cups of water and gun-maker sales leaflets.

It’s hot and dry out here, but being part of it all this reminds us all of what a great community we have. What more can one ask for?

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