Seeing Things

He saw himself as an international cat burglar wanted by Interpol for a number of daring fourth floor robberies of the rich and famous holidaying in the Mediterranean playground of St Tropez and Monaco.

Grace, his long suffering wife, saw him as a low-life toe-rag of a window cleaner with a penchant to grab whatever he could through any unlocked window of a second floor lower middle class 1960’s semi on the outskirts of Dagenham.

Unsurprisingly, the magistrate saw him as a repeat petty thief stealing from his struggling neighbours and sentenced him to twelve months in jail.

Said Grace, “You should have seen the look on your face.”

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4 Responses to Seeing Things

  1. Diana Duncan says:

    Succinct and witty – nice to see your posts

  2. Another accomplished (un)flashy fiction from Patrick. Hits the spot! Phil

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