Safe as houses

Today I’m wearing my alt-right face. For obvious reasons.

It was a few months ago that I thought it was going to be a close call and that my usual caring, leftie visage could put me in danger if the vote went the other way, so I went on line, sought out alt-right sites, browsed their Alt ID shop pages, and after considerable soul searching selected three QAnon t-shirts, a selection of temporary tattoos (swastika, MAGA logo, othala rune) and this clip-on ID filter facemask, clicked on Buy Now.

The mask is really comfortable, light, gossamer thin, easy to fit and remove, and hardly noticeable. I ordered the Version 1.12.01, only a few bucks more, as it gives additional filters such as apologetic wife beater, humble road rager, and climate change scoffer, over and above the standard alt-right and white lives matter convertors. Switching ID simply takes a couple of taps on the smart phone; it’s Bluetooth, no wifi needed – big advantage.

So today I’m wearing my alt-right face. For obvious reasons. The atmosphere is febrile, dangerous. Have you seen the mobs?

But I’m okay, take a look at me, I’m as safe as houses.

And when I get home, the mask comes off and I settle back into my ineffective, keyboard warrior, pinko mode.

Outside, buildings burn.

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2 Responses to Safe as houses

  1. elaine17 says:

    Does it come in orange?

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