Exciting times

They’re starting to move into the new town houses next to the station. “Exclusive development.” Three stories high, two bathrooms – bedrooms you couldn’t swing a cat in. Integrated kitchen appliances, thermostatic shower to bathroom. Not enough garden space for both a sun lounger and a barbecue. Yeehaw!

Location? On one side, a railway line carrying high speed (noisy) passenger trains and low speed (noisy) very long goods trains; on the other, a busy busy road carrying commuters, service vans, shoppers – a noise sandwich. Price? Double that of the usual around here. There will always be suckers.

Last week I saw a couple pull up outside the show home in their shiny black bimmer. She, a fish eyed blonde in sheath skirt and six inch heels; he, slicked back hair and froggy-eyed in a shiny cashmere suit. Not our sort, I thought. Drug dealers seeking a bolthole? Captured Russian agents in a MI6 safe house? Difficult to know.

Later, somebody told me they were probably the estate agents. Makes sense.

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