Petals fall

Image copyright: Patrick Prinsloo

A dozen red roses. Chocolates. Meet the friends, meet the family. Share front door keys.

Shop for ring.

Plan wedding. Agree guest list, caterer. Choose flowers. Order limo.

Make vows. Kiss. Lively music. Confetti showers.

Child one, child two.


Seven year itch, roving eye, roaming hands. Betrayal. Reconciliation.

Child three.

Roving eye, roaming hands. Betrayal.

Tears, anger, threats.

Trial separation. Zero reconciliation

Lawyers, courts orders, access rights. Loss of friends, family. Dirge.

Record collection divided.

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2 Responses to Petals fall

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    Lives summed up so succinctly. This is really strong – so well done.

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