The answer to life, the universe and everything

Image copyright: Janet Webb

He has access to Deep Thought Version 72.12.5, and the latest supercomputers including the Sunway TaihuLight (93 PFLOPS, since you ask). The boy (and girl) genius techies in China, India and California are listed on his Favourites.

For balance he calls on leading economists, philosophers and religious leaders. No head of state can be sure their beauty sleep won’t be shattered by his early morning call.

He’s one of a handful of thinkers which hasn’t accepted 42 as the final answer and he leads the drive for the truth.

He should visit his mum, enjoy her home cooking; speak to her. She knows.


Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ weekly 100 word challenge, found here.

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42 Responses to The answer to life, the universe and everything

  1. gahlearner says:

    A good scientist never takes anything for granted, but 42 is as established as a natural law, so… Mum will tell him. Great fun.

  2. Of course, the answer was that simple. I could have told him that. Even better, he should ask his grandmother. She raised his mother and explained it to her. Good writing, Patrick.. 😀 — Suzanne

  3. Jelli says:

    But… but… but… the answer HAS to be 42. (shakes her head in exasperation).

  4. pennygadd51 says:

    I love the way you turn this right at the end, having persuaded us that it’s a spoof on Hitchhiker! Well done!

  5. Nice tale. Douglas would approve!

  6. Mum’s know best Patrick 😃

  7. Sarah Ann says:

    Mum’s always know. Loved this take on the prompt.

  8. Mum always knows best

  9. I like the underlying message…”Call your mom” 😉

  10. granonine says:

    Wow. That’s really cool. You took the prompt in a completely different direction.

  11. L.E.R.T says:

    Mother’s look beyond the traits which others find impressive or disgusting in a person. Well done on a beautiful take on the prompt. Cheers, Varad

  12. Glad he is a truth seeker. Mum taught him well!

  13. Mum ALWAYS knows. A delightful take on the prompt

  14. Sandra says:

    Lovely story, Patrick.

  15. I prefer Mum’s chips to microchips. A brilliantly different.and welcome take.

    Just click to read my FriFic

  16. Mum beats all computers. And she knows the questions to ask (as we all know the answers are easy)

  17. Interesting contrast here between the tech life and life at home – good story! 🙂

  18. Iain Kelly says:

    He should give up worrying and enjoy life a little more – quite right Mum! Nice take.

  19. wmqcolby says:

    Sure seems like it’s getting to be this way, huh? And nothing compares to the human touch. Fine story, Patrick!

  20. Dear Patrick,

    Feh on computers. Mum still knows best. Good one.



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