Day 4: A proposal is rejected


Wikipedia Media

The church is booked, the caterers signed up, and the florist is standing by.
All I need now is someone to love me, someone to say, Oh aye.
I’ve been lonely a long, long time, for far too many a year,
And a lonely bachelor I’ll remain, it’s what me and my family fear.
But when I asked a sweet young lass to be my love, my bride
And to cook my meals and wash and iron and scrub and tup and tup and scrub
I got dark looks and frowns and tears and I sighed when she replied,
“Ah, Old Herbert, woo me not but keep tha nose in tha beer.”

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4 Responses to Day 4: A proposal is rejected

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    Love the voice and sentiments of the last line.

  2. Success Strategies says:

    Nice twist to this pic. Awesome

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