Lilies for the dead

Image copyright: Roget Bultot

Image copyright: Roget Bultot

Revenge is best served cold, they say, and they are right.

He stared out of the window – not a soul in sight – not surprising when you think how many shots he fired in such a few joyous minutes. Cowboy-wise, he blew the smoke from the muzzle.

They’ll be here any moment, he knew, breaking down the door, demanding he lies on the floor, handcuffing him, reading him his rights.

He knew the jury would be on his side – those Friday critics had trashed his words, written cruel things, said worse things offline.

Tonight’s gonna be busy for St Peter.


Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ weekly 100 word challenge, found here.

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43 Responses to Lilies for the dead

  1. Whoa, Pardner. His lawyer will no doubt plead an insanity defense. This guy’s gone way over the edge. If he wants to die he can keep holding the gun and wave it around at the police. That should do it. —- Suzanne

  2. Brilliantly done.
    Now who wants to say anything nasty?

  3. Michael Wynn says:

    I’m going to try to keep my comments nice, be careful what I say. Seriously, well written, great atmosphere

  4. Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.

  5. wmqcolby says:

    Nice, kind of Mickey Spillane-type situation. A little nod to one of the masters of detective fiction.

  6. What a fantastic fabulous story… the best ever.. (I hope you won’t shoot me now)

  7. granonine says:

    Yeesh. A psychopath goes ballistic 🙂

  8. Enjoyed that last line. What a night this fellow has had. Revenge is sweet, I suppose.

  9. jellico84 says:

    Oh, how cruel. Can say I’ve had that experience and it does disturb you. It got so bad that I had to close all my accounts, change all my emails, and now live behind a screen (figurative and literal).

  10. Dear Patrick,

    Some people just can’t take constructive criticism, can they? You made me cringe and laugh, all at the same time.



  11. Goodness. Kind words only coming from this direction!

  12. Dale says:

    Eesh.. he is thin-skinned indeed if he can’t take a little criticism… (speaking of which, which tense do you want this story in?)

  13. michael1148humphris says:

    Without criticism the world would be such a boring place, then again silence can be golden they say!

  14. Sandra says:

    Some people are really thin-skinned when it comes to criticism. 😦 Well done.

  15. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover says:

    The line about St Peter made me laugh. Creative take on the prompt.

  16. Haha, I hope they’re not that bad.

  17. neilmacdon says:

    I wasn’t quite sure. Was this about Donald Trump?

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