Obituary: Danny Burlap

Danny Burlap was well known in the squares of central London. Each evening he would wheel his piano to his chosen places and spend thirty minutes or so playing anything from Mozart through Scott Joplin to Keith Jarrett. The public loved him and they filled his hat with coins and folding money night after night. But what they didn’t know and what the police could only suspect was that Danny Burlap was a dealer. But when he and his piano were knocked over by a runaway tuk tuk illegally imported into the country by a pop-up hamburger vendor and the contents of the false bottom on his baby grand spilled out its contents onto the cobbles just outside the Pig and Garter, haunt of traditional journalists and digital age bloggers, it became known that Danny was peddling out-of-print copies of twentieth century Penguin Classics.

Danny couldn’t handle the ensuing publicity and the accompanying wave of approbation and left London, moving to Leamington Spa where he lived out the rest of his life in relative anonymity.

The only beneficiary named in his will is Buffo, his much loved Yorkshire terrier, who stands to live the rest of its life in relative luxury.

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  1. Oh, the villainy!

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