Short back and sides

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

I went for a haircut a couple of weeks ago. The barber, a nice man, said I should collect the clippings and sell them on ebay.

I said why would anyone want to buy any of my hair and he said oh no, say it’s from say, Thomas More, or George Worthington.

“Who’s George Worthington?” I asked.

He pointed at a stars and stripes postcard stuck to his pinboard. “The guy who invented America, who wrote its institution.”

“Ah,” I said, “That George Worthington.”

The barber looked smug.

“Somebody will guess it’s not the real thing,” I said.

“Nah,” he said, “It’s not as though they’ll have it NDA tested.”

“They might,” I said.

“Yeah, but if you’re related to Thomas More or George Worthington they won’t know.”

“You make a very good point,” I said. “How much should I ask?”

“It’s ebay. It’s an auction. Just put in 99p and stand back and watch the wheels spin.”

He’s a smart guy is that barber. The highest bid is already at £250 and still two days to go.

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2 Responses to Short back and sides

  1. Very amusing and very clever, but I’d hang onto what I had left if I were you!

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