Thank you, Johann Strauss II

Image copyright: John Nixon

Image copyright: John Nixon

Wedding planners know the strongest marriages are those where the wedding ceremony and reception were tricky. Indeed, the word most used is “dysfunctional”.

Where things are delayed because the best man and the sister of the bride decide to have unscheduled pre-ceremony rumpty tumpty, or where father-in-law 1 punches father-in-law 2 over a daughter’s frock, the happy couple are likely to weather the storms of life.

Freda and I remain together, probably because she tossed the ring into the piano in a fit of pique after I trod on her waltzing toes for the third time.

I love her still.


Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ weekly 100 word writing challenge to be found here.

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17 Responses to Thank you, Johann Strauss II

  1. Drat!!
    Why didn’t anyone tell me this before the wedding.
    Loved this very much.

  2. Your story is romantic, funny, sweet, philosophical and creative – all in one!

  3. And there he is going in after it. Odd clothes to wear to a wedding. You have some insightful thoughts, Patrick. Hilarious and well done. 😀 — Suzanne

  4. Dear Patrick,

    Do you do marriage counseling, too? Our parents gave our marriage six months at the most–45 years ago. 😉



  5. Margaret says:

    The wedding planners must know. You build some funny pictures with your descriptions of the kinds of dysfunction that occur at weddings. Very good.

  6. This made me smile really big!

  7. Ha.. I think it will work fine as long as you cease to waltz

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