Wednesday, 30th. March: I’ve got a second open mike slot at “Bad Language” at The Castle, Oldham Street, Manchester plus my new poetry collection, “Seconds Out” is now available!

His second collection. Well worth the visit to Amazon.


Seconds out_Cover_Front and Back_160325Seconds Out

He’d fought most of the big names in his day, our Dad:

middle weights, Terry Spinks, Chris Eubanks;

light heavies, Randolph Turpin, Don Cockell;

and the serious stuff, Rocky Marciano, Henry Cooper,

Cassius Clay (as he then was).

I’m watching him as he watches the boxing.

from his ring side seat in front of the TV,

ducking and weaving, shoulders twitching

as he swings, first a right (he was a southpaw pa)

and a left, a jab, a feint, then working the body

with a punishing combination of punches,

before rocking back with the deftness of Muhammad Ali,

floating out of range of flailing fists.

When the bell rings to end the round,

he sits back, drained from the effort

and prepares for Round 2.

He’s up on points, but it’s early days.

Mam fusses over him, as he crouches on the stool,

making sure his gum shield…

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