Doctor Pariah


Image copyright: Ted Strutz

He glanced nervously over his shoulder as he unlocked the clinic’s door; only last week his senior nurse had been shouted at by a couple of local yobs, the week before someone had smeared excrement over the windows.

He checked the appointments – first off is John Smith. Several John Smiths today. And some Mary Does. Anonymity is what his patients like. He didn’t agree with that need, but customer gets what customer wants.

One day, he thought, one day. He had already sketched out the design for the clinic sign for that one day.

Fecal Transplant Centre.

Keep it simple.



Written for Rochelle-Wisoffields’ weekly 100 word challenge.

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9 Responses to Doctor Pariah

  1. I have a friend with Crohn’s who is a candidate for this new procedure. As disgusting as it sounds it may bring much relief to many people if successful.

  2. gahlearner says:

    I know of the procedure, our intestines are apparently a lot more important than previously though, and underappreciated. An interesting story. Why pariah though, and why the anonymity?

    • gahlearner says:

      previously thought, not though… sorry.

    • I’m trying to create a parallel between ft practitioners and other pioneers who have to battle societies prejudices. And trying to get the conversation going.

      • gahlearner says:

        Ah, thank you. I have a background in biology and work in a hospital surrounded by med. doctors… very little of human functionality creeps me out, sometimes I forget that that’s not quite like it is for many other people. I can imagine that mentioning that procedure among aquaintances can raise eyebrows.

  3. I don’t think I’m quite getting this one Patrick? It’s been a long day!

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