Late One Night

Image copyright: ceayr

Image copyright: ceayr

They trudged through the gravel leading up to the gates, their broken down car abandoned half a mile away.

He used the torch on his smartphone to read the sign.

“This is it,” he muttered.

“There’s a light,” she said, “Ring the bell.”

From the direction of the building came the whinnying of horses, the howling of wolves. Heavy clouds curtained the full moon. Bats swept low.

“Got the garlic?” he whispered.

“Yep. More than enough.”

“The steak?”




The gates creaked open revealing a figure all in white.

“Welcome to the Chateau cookery school,” said the host.


Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ weekly 100 word challenge. Visit it here.

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26 Responses to Late One Night

  1. Great twist at the end, Patrick. Hilarious and well done. 😀 — Suzanne

  2. Hahaha! Nice one, Patrick! I enjoyed the over-obvious buildup to a vampire horror story, and then your funny anticlimax. Nicely done!

  3. gahlearner says:

    I thought the steak was for the wolves, the garlic for the bats… and then I howled. LOL. Great twist, great fun.

  4. Martin Flux says:

    Haha! Great story. I love how you smoothly swing the mood around!

  5. Delightful. Thanks for the fun twist at the end.

  6. mjlstories says:

    Thought I was in the lab late one night, thought I was rocking in a horror show, but no something else was cooking…Great fun!

  7. Sandra says:

    Expert misdirection. 🙂

  8. Ha.. I think i started to see it coming when the steaks came up… The steak stake thing would be funny if it’s read…

  9. mscwhyte says:

    I loved this! A very effective (and smooth) alteration to mood and tone when you introduced the steak.

  10. Dear Patrick,

    Great misdirection. I was all set to mention “steak” as I thought you were getting ready to drive a “stake” through a vampire’s heart. But that’s what you were going for, wasn’t it? Well done…very well done indeed.



  11. Oh very well led down the wrong path!

  12. Margaret says:

    Ah yes – mustn’t forget the steak. Very good. Chuckleworthy.

  13. Fun as always, love the gothic vibe!

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