Blessed are the Poor

Image copyright: Melanie Greenwood

Image copyright: Melanie Greenwood

They say money can’t buy happiness.

You know this from reading Tom Wolfe, from the Bible and the other Abrahamic texts, from any self-help book displayed on the airport bookshops. Why, even JR and Sue Ellen could tell you so.

He had had every opportunity to learn the truth of this maxim – his ex wife had said so (what a bitter divorce that was), his estranged children had said so (they wouldn’t inherit a silver penny from him).

He stared lovingly at the private jet on the terminal apron – his latest acquisition.

God, just how wrong all those sorrow-seekers were.



Written for Rochelle’s weekly 100 word challenge found here.

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27 Responses to Blessed are the Poor

  1. Nice little turn at the end. Sometimes it’s nicer to have shiny objects then tarnished people.

  2. He’s got the plane. I doubt he’ll be lonely if he wants company. He better be more careful next time, though. Well done, Patrick. 🙂 — Suzanne

  3. We all have our own view of what it means to be happy I guess!

  4. storydivamg says:

    There is a sense of satisfaction when you can purchase the things you want, isn’t there? Nice take on the prompt.


  5. Dear Patrick

    I can’t help but think of one of my favorite lines from Hello Dolly. “And on those cold nights, Horace, you can cuddle up to your cash register. It’s a little lumpy but it rings.”

    Nicely written story. 😉



  6. Margaret says:

    He’s got what he wants. I’m sure he can be perfectly happy in his personal jet. Very clever take and an engaging character.

  7. gahlearner says:

    Doesn’t look like happiness could be had with his ex and the children. I wonder how long his lonely luxurious happiness will last. Good story.

  8. ansumani says:

    Happiness – I guess money can buy that for some people. As for me , I don’t know if it will buy me happiness…if anyone want’s to experiment by giving me a bucketload of money I’m ready 🙂

    Good story.

  9. rgayer55 says:

    Money may not buy happiness, but it certainly makes misery much more comfortable. Now, if he can just hook up with that 23 year old chick from Dawn’s story . . . .

  10. You can’t take it with you – although it can take you with it.
    Or something like that. I’m sure you or someone knows what I mean by this.

  11. Great turn! Missed you today: first meeting of the year.

  12. Sounds like the best of joys lies in gloating actually… But as the saying goes… “it’s better to be healthy and rich, than sick and poor”

  13. Sandra says:

    Sorrow-seekers – such a lovely, expressive description. Nicely done Patrick.

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