Sad Face

Image copyright: CE Ayr

Image copyright: CE Ayr

The first International Unicode Emoji Conference was set to be a huge hit. After all, who isn’t using emojis nowadays?

The organisers hired a small room at the Ritz, brought in a massive eight inch by ten inch screen so all could see, and ensured a well-stocked limo was available to get the one thousand and growing emojis to the venue.

Why the driver stopped so that the limo door opened onto a stormwater grate, no-one knows. The only survivors were an aubergine and a shoe.

Words alone cannot express the grief felt by the texting world.



And see this article on emojis!

Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ 100 word challenge found here. Do it!

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61 Responses to Sad Face

  1. Margaret says:

    So funny. What a picture of all those smileys disappearing down the grate.

  2. Laughed out loud. But your characters are quite two-dimensional 😜

  3. rogershipp says:

    HaHaHA… This would be a day I could celebrate. I think I am too old for all these ‘smiley’ faces!

  4. Hilarious, Patrick. I don’t think we need to worry. Emojis are like roaches. Even in a world-wide extinction, they’d survive humans. I expecially like the scary one. O_o Well done. 😀 — Suzanne

  5. I hear emoji’s have replaced cursive writing. I’m sure if it hasn’t already been done it will be soon, a novel written only in emoji. Wonderful flash!

  6. mjlstories says:

    I am entertained by both your story and the comments – who’d have thought the emoji is now more well known than the aubergine! Hang on, I’m sure I’ve got an emoji-ergine somewhere…

  7. Alice Audrey says:

    Aw such a pity. I like my emojis. Good thing I can make more. 😉

  8. rgayer55 says:

    Well done, Patrick. This is the kind of writing I love best. Extremely imaginative and full of laughs.

    The only emoji I think I’ll miss, is the little guy with the expression that says, “Oops, I just farted–and it was wet.”

  9. gravadee says:

    Such a different take. Lovely concept

  10. So imaginative Patrick – great title too!

  11. Dale says:

    What a hoot, Patrick! IF emojis (emojii) are to take over the world, they shall have to ensure grates have smaller spaces between!

  12. gahlearner says:

    LOL, this is so funny. I love the light touch here. C-. I like the idea of the emoji being a society of their own. World beware, the smileys take over. The story works for me.

  13. LOL. I really did laugh out loud at this one. C- I was bamboozled to start with as to why an emoji conference. Was it programmers who were going. It wasn’t immediately clear that it was the emoji themselves but I think it would have lost its punch line power if I had realised earlier. I would get rid of the word Unicode, only because unless you know about it (and perhaps everyone does but me) it gives nothing to the story and gives the reader (in this case me) something to ponder over unnecessarily. The humour was perfect.

    • Thanks for this. What I like about Unicode is that is gives the conference some status – it wasn’t just a bunch of renegade or hapless emojis (should that be emojii?) getting together for a laugh – it was serious stuff. For interest, I hadn’t really known mush about emojis and had never heard of Unicode until I read that Guardian article – the link is there.

  14. Loved it, absolutely hilarious.

  15. Very funny and cute and imaginative. Gotta love those emoji. Feel sorry they went down the drain. 🙂

  16. ansumani says:

    Oh no! I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed this story and how much I laughed !

    LOL – Cute story and a really great imagination.

  17. Well that’s just silly! lol

  18. ❤️ – Still chuckling Patrick. I would totally save the aubergine and the shoe and maybe the smiling poop (my personal favorite) 💩
    C – I stumbled over “one thousand and growing”. Were the emojis growing during the limo ride? I understand that you meant that emojis are increasing in number but I take umbrage with them growing in that sentence.

  19. I had to say I giggled, but long live the English language. 🙂

  20. storydivamg says:


    Fun stuff–a way to soften my grief at the death of the English language via text.

    C–I admit that this isn’t my favorite type of story, but for what it is, I would call it good. No nits, and a decent bit of humor that did put a smile on my face.

    Has anyone from the local university discovered that a certain prominent linguistics professor happened to be out of the office when the tragedy occurred? 🙂


  21. Oh! What fun. Love this piece. Who knew emoji’s rode around in limos?

  22. All those poor emojis down the drain.. *sigh* so sad 😦
    Great take on the prompt Patrick! 🙂

  23. Words alone cannot express my amusement!

  24. Hah! This made me laugh out loud. I had no idea where it was going. Very clever.

    C- should one of the survivors be a shoe (are there Emoji shoes?)? And if you’re after another word, ‘well stocked’ before ‘limo’ should probably be hyphenated (compound adjective).

    • Thanks. I actually thought it was a leaf until I read some other pieces, There is indeed a shoe emoji (see today’s G2) and I will change my piece to reflect that. And insert the errant hyphen.
      Pleased you laughed.

  25. ceayr says:

    This did make me chortle!
    But I still don’t know how to make wee faces on here.

  26. Dear Patrick,

    I confess I had to look up aubergine. 😉 o_0

    Question on the screen. 8 inches by 10 inches? Do you mean massive to an emoji? 😉

    I’ll give you good marks for imagination. Nicely done.



  27. micklively says:

    Very funny. 😦

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