New World, Brave

Somewhere under us is a factory. The whine and whirr of machinery, the unmistakable drone of electric motors, and the silence of slave workers can all just be heard above the coughing and groaning which make up the aural landscape of the hospital.

I approached one of the day nurses about this. She said I shouldn’t talk about such things, that she would arrange for me to have stronger sleeping pills at night, that I was putting both myself and her in danger.

Later that day our ward was visited by two blank-eyed men in dark suits; they stood in the doorway and stared at me, unblinking, unspeaking, for about two minutes before turning on their heels and walking away.

Since then I’ve been cheeking my sleeping tablets; I’m not taking any risks.

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4 Responses to New World, Brave

  1. Your recent hospital series is very creepy! I’m going to try and keep extra fit and healthy from now on.

  2. Hello Patrick.. Really like your shorts… very diverse and entertaining. I’m thinking of joining the Maccwriters group as — although the Wilmslow group is really friendly — there’s not much critique done and it looks as if the Macc group may do more of this. Also, I’d like to ask you how you get the ‘subscribe for new posts by email’ onto your Word Press site?

    • Hi Richard. Macc is pay as you go so good in that respect too.
      I need to be on my laptop to answer your tech question but think it may be a Widget.
      Hope to leave hospital today/tomorrow.
      Macc is at the library 2 pm to 4 pm.

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