Climb that Mountain

First of all, let me apologise to everyone who died on 7th October 2015 – for you it did all come to an end, not in the way that others expected, but it’s an end nonetheless. And sad for a lot of you and those you left behind.

But there are a whole bunch of people out there who are bitterly disappointed that they’re still alive and, indeed, that the rest of us are. They are the ones who thought 7th October 2015 was gonna be it – the day the world would end, the day that God would destroy the world. They are, let’s name them, members of the eBible Fellowship founded and led by one Chris McCann, who probably for the last few days has been hiding in a cupboard rereading some of the sacred texts and checking the batteries in his calculator – or back in the counting house counting out his money.

Actually that thing about the money is unkind. If you visit the organisation’s website, you’ll find it’s hardly commercial, though they do generously and considerately offer the facility to make online donations, so good for them, and the members of the congregation seem to have responded generously in return, bless them.

It’s easy to mock well-meaning people like Chris, but do be careful – this is his second screw-up, may God forgive him – the first being his support of the Day of Rapture in May 2011; it could be a case of third time lucky. So get out your holy books, your prayer mats, get that flesh mortified – the cilice is a good start – and donate, donate, donate.

(See how ‘ebible’ is only one letter away from ‘edible’ – pretty damn scary, I think.)

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