Victory is Ours

Image copyright: Jennifer Pendergast

Image copyright: Jennifer Pendergast

The stockade gates were open, the army platoon was stood down. Standing on a supply wagon, side by side with the teacher and the preacher, the Colonel declared the war over, the wilderness tamed, the natives annihilated. “Forthwith, women and children are free to wander without fear of kidnap and worse; farmers can move back to their farms, sow their seeds, repair their homesteads; fishermen can once more cast their nets in our bountiful river.”

Out of sight, from an tributary only two miles upstream, the first of the dozen war canoes slowly nosed its way into the open water.


Written in response to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ weekly 100 word challenge. Find it here!

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28 Responses to Victory is Ours

  1. Great story. You certainly built the tension well, lulling us into a false sense of security.

  2. Well, I guess that war wasn’t over after all. I remember the old movies where the tribe were coming up to the fort hidden in the tall grass. Well written, Patrick. 🙂 — Suzanne

  3. Return of the Native(s). 🙂 This reminds me of the western movies where the Indians always pop up on the ridge on horseback.


  4. Oh no I thought we were in line for a happy ending. Very good.

  5. Dale says:

    Wouldn’t life as we know it be different had the ending gone the way of the Indians…

  6. Margaret says:

    “Our bountiful river”? Not quite yet, it seems.Nicely built story.

  7. Great story with such a chilling ending. 🙂

  8. Sandra says:

    Pesky indians, always out to spoil a happy ending. Nice one.

  9. Alas the tide will turn again, though the one to blame would for sure not be the one that are maimed and killed. Not the first time in history when the innocent suffer the most.

  10. Dear Patrick,

    Oh…I think I know what happens next. Well done bait and switch.



  11. gahlearner says:

    This could have happened in many places. Wilderness tamed, natives annihilated–if that is the goal, all hail to the war canoes. Great story, with a lot of things to think about.

  12. ceayr says:

    Nicely written attempt to make us believe in a happy ending.
    Sadly not to be.

  13. gravadee says:

    Nice take on the prompt

  14. ansumani says:

    Nice ending …but we all know how this ended for the natives. Well crafted story.

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