Image copyright: Jean L. Hays

Image copyright: Jean L. Hays

He looked around the museum and sighed. He had started off as in intern and within a decade had become curator responsible for buying and exhibitions. The museum had started off as an off the track shed, visited by few; now it is acknowledged by artists and dealers from around the world and needs a ticket system to control the many visitors, both national and international.

But the locals never took to the place, didn’t recognize its value, and now a syndicate has planning permission to knock it down and put in a stock car racetrack.

He loaded his gun.

Written for the 100 word challenge from Friday Fictioneers.

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39 Responses to Civilisation

  1. Just shows you need a few hobbies in life and not live for the job!! The blood splatter will make an interesting final exhibit bringing the museum right up to date.

  2. Russell says:

    A prophet is never accepted in his own hometown. I suppose the same is true in regard to art.

  3. plaridel says:

    somebody said once that power grows out of the barrel of a gun. it should be the last resort, though.

  4. gahlearner says:

    Oh, how sad. It’s often the locals who can’t appreciate what they have until it’s too late. I love the drama.

  5. MythRider says:

    Some people just don’t understand.
    And should be shot.

  6. Margaret says:

    He picked the wrong location for his museum, I believe. Either that or he should have tried to win the locals over. I like the understated way you describe his actions. Poor man.

  7. To have something taken is a hard thing to swallow and he doesn’t intend too. Well done!

  8. storydivamg says:

    Sometimes going out with a bang isn’t worth it. Good take on this week’s prompt, Patrick.

    All my best,

  9. draliman says:

    You’ve got to protect your dream. Though I don’t think this will end well…
    Great story!

  10. Dear Patrick,

    The outcome of this can’t be good. I’d say the odds are in the syndicate’s favor but he’ll probably take a few out before it’s all over. I’ll watch for him on the news. Well done.



  11. At least he’ll be going out with a bang! Nice one.
    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!

  12. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Wonder if the syndicate is visiting soon…

  13. ceayr says:

    Great write, Patrick.
    I love a cliff-hanger.

  14. ansumani says:

    Looks like he take extreme measures …like the extreme art in his collection.

  15. Dale says:

    I guess there is no negotiating, eh?

  16. Oh dear. I don’t want to know what comes next.

  17. Sandra says:

    I’m not sure who’s on the receiving end here. Nicely done.

  18. Seems like he’s on his way to make a new kind of performance art.

  19. micklively says:

    Is the gun for him or the syndicate? Either way, it won’t be pretty.
    Good piece.

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