August 1470 AH: CaliphateUK

We’ve all learnt to avert our eyes when we walk past the bland façade that is 642 Curzon Street, that’s if we are unlucky or foolish enough to find ourselves in that part of London. The thugs lounging around the front doors may look harmless, but the growing number of Disappeared suggest they’re not.

We had to visit yesterday – a cousin has been arrested – some ISIS cop says he saw a flash of ankle. You just can’t believe how petty some of these new rules are.

I’d write to Raqqa to complain, but last week pens were banned.

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4 Responses to August 1470 AH: CaliphateUK

  1. Frightening future.

  2. MythRider says:

    Only breathing is legal, but be careful, that too can be taken away.

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