Trending now: Transing

You’ve just got to keep up with the trends and the current trend is trans-ing. So get out there and trans. But select carefully, make sure you’re not just one of a crowd, someone simply jumping on the bandwagon. Be creative.

Me, I’m going trans-OxBridge, with all the privilege that is intrinsic to that world. Apart from unlimited access to the informal networks of the great and the powerful, I will also have a new family, seriously titled, and when my grandpappy dies, I will become an earl and have a seat in the House of Lords. While I’m waiting for that, I’ll have life-long membership of White’s and Brook’s; please don’t disturb me while I’m sampling the port. With respect to my time at Oxford I am taking retrospective membership of the Bullingdon Club and from now on that photo will show me centre foreground.

And of course, I look forward to unlimited credit from Coutts and to being invited to turn left when boarding the aircraft. No more speeding tickets for me, eh, and I get a special table at the Ritz.

Trans-ing – easy to do; just say it and you are transed.

If you are ever introduced to me, please call me Sir. My family and friends, on the other hand, may call me Sir.

And eternal thanks to Rachel Dolezal for opening our eyes to the opportunities.

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4 Responses to Trending now: Transing

  1. storydivamg says:

    P.S. You have this Catholic lesbian wondering if I should become trans-straight or trans-protestant or just stick with pretending to be a writer when I know I was born a plumber . . .

  2. storydivamg says:

    Just don’t spell that wrong or all the entrancing things about being transed become part of a trance from which . . . well . . . anywho, fun stuff, and timely.

    Best wishes with the transing.


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