The Library Writing Group


Outside, the orderly rows of books, happily classified, catalogued and spine-marked, listen with only half a dog-ear to raised voices punctuating the library’s hallowed silence.

Inside the study room, tension is mounting: storylines and plots shift impatiently in their seats; poems tap their iambic feet; yet-to-be edited manuscripts ponder publication targets.

There is no doubt – the Disambiguaters are divided and opposing camps are forming. The exclamation marks feel threatened, maligned. The colons and semi-colons are keeping their heads down, aware of ethnic cleansing elsewhere. And despite their frequent abuse, the apostrophes, are smug, triumphal.

The commas and full-stops couldn’t care less; they know they are safe.

The capital letters rise head and shoulders above it all.

Ink is being spilt.

From deep under the table a cat meows.

Any question marks?

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4 Responses to The Library Writing Group

  1. MythRider says:

    I agree, fun read. Creative.

  2. R. Todd says:

    Very clever. And a fun read to boot.

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