Image copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy

Image copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy

Some people say his parents were overprotective. That’s something to mull over in these dangerous times.

Almost from the time he could walk they ensured no harm would come to him from outside forces. Safe at home, high fences, thick hedges and a pack of Dobermans kept out molesters, dealers and kidnappers. Home schooling meant he had no need to leave his compound.

Industry-strength air conditioners, facemasks, and minimal human contact kept viruses and diseases at bay.

Freedom from radio, newspapers and television ensured his mind was not contaminated by the poisonous views of others.

His therapist is in despair.


For this weeks 100 word challenge set up by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

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28 Responses to Safe

  1. MrBinks says:

    Love it.

  2. That is the way to suffer all the mental torments which social isolation bring on. No wonder his therapist is in despair. In some ways I think that is happening to many kids today. Parents are too frightened to let them out of their sight. Glad I grew up when I did. Great flash.

  3. MythRider says:

    Sounds like he likes his life as is.
    I was just think how I hadn’t seen you around for awhile, but you have been. You just changed you Gavatar. Glad you can by. I have some catching up to do.

  4. I’m so glad I let my boys get scrapes and bruises in every form.
    Good take on the prompt Patrick.

  5. Nice tale of unintended consequences.

  6. Dear Patrick,

    His parents were just a little over the top. In other words, in their efforts to shield him, they created a monster. That therapist has his work cut out for him. Well done.



  7. Margaret says:

    What a novel response to the prompt. I like the structure of this – all the things he missed out on to make sure he grew up intact, and then he didn’t. Great story.

  8. storydivamg says:

    Perfect ending line as well as a good lead in. Nice work, Patrick.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  9. Oh .. I think that living a bell-jar can only end in one way alas…

  10. Man! Talk about over protective. You hit it all. Very well done. Poor guy is probably going to die from some weird virus he was never exposed to as a kid so he could build an immunity to it.

  11. ansumani says:

    Oh good that I didnt do all that to my sons….I wanted to though. Good story ..with a nice twist at the end.

  12. gahlearner says:

    That’s overprotective overdrive. Imagined safety instead of love. Great tale, good twist in the end.

  13. Blimey. I’m not surprised his therapist is in despair. He must be properly screwed in the head. Nice edgy build up with a satirical finish at the end to “lighten things up”.

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