You laughin’ at me?


Written for Mondays Finish the Story: they supply the first line and the image and challenge us to write a 100 to 150 word story. Here’s my entry for the week:

Are you laughing at me? At me? I hope not, because it really hurts. Just because I’m a stand-up comic doesn’t mean everything I do and say is funny. I expect, well, hope for lots of laughs when I’m performing – because laughter is my soul food, my bread and butter, my cheese and chutney – it’s the thing that keeps me going – especially when it’s coming from all those lovely ladies seated in the front row, gazing up at me night after night, each and every one of them hoping and praying that they will be the one to get the discreet whisper from one of my aides, the discreet whisper that will have them making their way backstage to my dressing room – the one with the star on the door – for an evening of such carnal delights that … .

Are you laughing at me?

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30 Responses to You laughin’ at me?

  1. Well, he can keep hoping. Funny and well done wrapping up the end like that Patrick. 😀 — Suzanne

  2. Sonya says:

    Ha ha, he’s a bit delusional, isn’t he? The repetition of the opening line at the end works really well. Nice work!

  3. Great insight! Love the angle you took with this.

  4. Lovely! A good funny story..very funny

  5. That had me smiling.

  6. John Yeo says:

    A great response to the prompt Patrick ~ You had me smiling there ~ Wll done 🙂

  7. phylor says:

    Just like Open Mic night — great story!

  8. afairymind says:

    A great take on the prompt, Patrick. Fascinating character sketch. 🙂

  9. What a great character snapshot. Well done 😀 Leenna

  10. Shivangi says:

    Good story…loved it.

  11. Francesca Smith says:

    An interesting take on the prompt. I have often wondered if comedians go through periods where they find it annoying when people laugh at “everything” they say.

  12. I thought you did an excellent job milking laughs out of the laughs!

  13. babso2you says:

    Good one Patrick! I love the angle you took with the prompt! Thanks again for writing for the MFtS challenge! Be well… ^..^

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