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Image copyright: Al Forbes

Image copyright: Al Forbes

You’ll never guess who I had on my back last week. Roy Rogers! Yeah – Roy Rogers, cowboy extraordinaire, white hat and all; Trigger was having an off day so they got out the yellow pages and, bingo, I get the gig!

So Roy, being the star he is, requests a proper Mexican saddle and he gets that, no problem, good image, and for further effect he gets a bedding roll and some cooking pots to hang from the saddle. He looked just the part. I felt so proud.

But then ole Gabby Hayes brings along a Winchester lever-action repeating rifle and two nasty looking Colt 45s, and I start to feel some anxiety.

I’ve not seen a Roy Rogers movie before – horses not allowed – so I wasn’t expecting to be flat on the ground with Roy hiding behind me firing his guns at a bunch of thugs wearing black hats while they shot back at us.

See that flesh wound on my left flank? Yeah, well, neigh, say no more.

So half an hour into the gunfight I up and leave. Lost my fee an’ all.

But, what the hell? So what do you think is happening in Syria?

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction’s 200 word photo challenge.

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