The Entrepreneur


He was sharp-suited and sharp-minded and had spotted a gap in the market. He put together his plan, borrowed a big chunk of money from his brother-in-law, and proceeded to rent premises in the main street of a prosperous town boasting a high incidence of stay-at-home mums with considerable disposable income and too much time on their hands.

He couldn’t understand how he had become the first to offer this service. The mums and tots market was heavily researched and offered serious investment opportunities not only to mainstream suppliers but also to niche services like his. Wherever you looked you could find classes for baby swimming, for baby yoga, for baby rhythm, for baby keep fit and for baby weight watching. There was money in babies!

Over toast and marmalade he said to his wife, “Sweetie, you’ll never want for anything ever again once this takes off.”

She smiled up at him as she discreetly scanned the jobs-vacant pages.

He knew he couldn’t go wrong despite his bank manager’s cynicism – after all, his business was the very first offering baby acupuncture, and as the banner went up above the shop – “BabaAcc – Little Needles for Little Peeple” – his chest swelled with pride.

Later that morning he donned his white clinical coat, straightened the fresh cover on the treatment table, flipped the sign on the door to Open, and waited for the rush.

Back at home, pragmatic ear glued to the phone, Sweetie discussed hours and wages with sundry supermarkets.

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3 Responses to The Entrepreneur

  1. Should have been onto a winner – but…! Love the ending.

  2. Thanks. You’re right on all three counts.

  3. afairymind says:

    Oh dear! I think his brother-in-law is going to be rather out of pocket! Sweetie must be a very patient person. Great story. 🙂

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