Last Night – A Seasonal Slice of Poetry & Storytelling at the King Edward Street Chapel

Our writing group’s Christmas event. It was fun.


It was another great night at the King Edward Street Chapel, really well attended. Also, even more of the Maccwriters were on the floor this year, with an eclectic mix of poems, stories, light and dark.

We started off with compère Sandy, newly back from adventures in Oz, who gave us a story with a dog’s eye view and a poem about a butterfly in winter. Margaret, who always does us proud organising these events and sorting out the finances, had a mix of poems, including every mother’s view of the dreaded school Nativity play. Joy Winkler’s poems about childhood are always acutely and poignantly observed, and touch on memories within us all.

It was, as expected, a wintery mix of subjects – sheep lost in snow drifts (Jean), a lovely piece of prose from Abby about a child born in Winter, Mike’s cautionary parrot tale, Patrick regaled us with…

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