Image copyright: Sandra Crook

Image copyright: Sandra Crook

You and I have arrived; escaped war, disease, famine, pestilence. We cut fences, dug tunnels, sailed seas, rode under trucks and trains. We hid during the day, walked at night. Miles? Thousands.

Are we welcome?

If we are polite (eyes cast down, hands clasped) they will let us clean their homes and offices, work their burger joints, pick their fruit, cut their lettuces, guard their mansions, cook their meals, care for their babies, wipe the nether regions of their elderly.

You and I (eighteen hour days, two jobs and more), we will survive.

As for our children? They will thrive.


Written for Rochelle Wishoff-Fields’ tyrannical weekly 100 word challenge.

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37 Responses to Hope

  1. It is a powerful thing to be able to take such a long view.

  2. A very sad story, capturing the present and the past, building the dreams of the future that may never come. So heartbreaking…

  3. Sarah Ann says:

    Wonderfully told leaving so much to think about too. Well done.

  4. Margaret says:

    You’ve highlighted the desperation of the immigrant or refugee. I can’t imagine the grief of having to leave my own country and then struggling for survival and grovelling for acceptance in a foreign place. Your story portrays this experience poignantly.

  5. “Hope” is an apt title for this story of struggle towards a better future

  6. Patrick, this is a heart breaking story that is sadly true, for far too many. Until we all see that immigrants have so much to offer our country (and not just cheap labor, for jobs we don’t want to do!), we are doomed to more sad stories. Beautifully written!

  7. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Patrick,

    This was excellent. The description and the buildup to the last line was perfect. They will thrive. So good.



  8. Interesting take, well crafted story.

  9. Alas.. I think the next generation might not thrive .. hope is not as big as it used to be… and when they realize that…

  10. Jan Brown says:

    Your story of poor refugees oozes despair, but ends in hope. The next generation will lead.

  11. Sandra says:

    That was certainly how it used to be. Not so sure these days. A grim topic handled well.

  12. Great story. You said a lot with a few words…. some have forgotten who helped build our country.

  13. Lovely! Such a different take on the prompt. The desperation and hope of immigrants and/or illegal aliens is well depicted in your 100 words.

  14. Dear Patrick,

    Immigrants are willing to take on the most distasteful jobs just for the taste of freedom, aren’t they? Well put.



  15. Elizabeth says:

    Immigration, tough topic.

  16. storydivamg says:

    I hope the forecast for the children comes true. Immigration is most often birthed of desperation. We would all do well to remember this.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

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