Making Jam – a work in progress …..

I rather like this. Definitely worth a read.


This week’s contribution is reflection rather than fiction but once I saw the photo prompt I had to get this out of my system. I hope you don’t mind.

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This week’s photo prompt is courtesy of ©Randy Mazie

28112014 Friday Fictioneers prompt for November 28, 2014 ©Randy Mazie

Making Jam – a work in progress …..

I read once that when an old woman dies, a library burns. It wasn’t until my mother’s death that I was hit with the absolute truth of that statement.
Where are all those members of our far-flung family that left Ireland during waves of emigration? What stories were never told because they seemed irrelevant or were too painful? Did I imagine it, or did you tell me that my Grandmother wrote a…

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