Artisan Writing Group Launched


Further to recent research that has shown that “slow” or “traditional” writing methods deliver a better educated readership and higher book sales for the author, a select group of writers has come together to form the first fully membership based Artisan Writing Group®.

Provided any work is done according to the Artisan Writing Group rulebook guidelines, it will be certified as Artisan and included in the Artisan Book Register, a copy of which will be held by all better class book sellers. Authors will be delighted to know that Artisan certified books will not be sold as e-books, nor will they ever be remaindered.

Critically, all members will eschew the use of computers, word processors, printers and other digital machinery for their writing process; Artisan Writers® will record their thoughts, ideas, scripts and stories using pen and ink (black or blue only) or lead based pencils – pencils to be sharpened by hand, slowly and deliberately. Paper will be hand-made using only recycled materials. Access to the world wide web for purposes of research is disallowed and all dictionaries, thesauruses and reference works must be hard copies. At least 27% of an Artisan Writer’s work must take place in a public library. No work is to be done in a coffee chain outlet.

Writers can apply for Foundation Membership which specifies the use of quill and ink with blotting paper replaced by sand for all Artisan certified works. Foundation Members are guaranteed a 25% increase in book sales as well as a readership to include the minor royals and their hangers-on.

Associate Artisan Writers will be entitled to produce their work on non-electric typewriters provided they use paper hand made from recycled materials and comply with all the other rules.

Artisan Writers have come to an agreement with the media whereby members will be approached only for serious cultural panels and debates and never for reality TV shows.

Alternative Soho based creative agency Boggle, Boggle and Reynolds is currently working on a suitable logo for the project. Once this is completed, writers will be invited to apply for membership of the organization. A beret in either Quink royal blue or Waterman black is included in the starter pack as is an ink colour chart and a small packet of papyrus seeds.

Writers should express an interest in becoming members of The Artisan Writing Group by indicating below. Please include bank details.


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  2. Well, good luck with that! I wonder who else remembers Quink and Waterman inks. Are you going to the Wharf on Friday? If so, starts at 8.30pm. And is there another generation yet?

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