Death in the Fast Lane

Image copyright:  Jean L. Hays

Image copyright: Jean L. Hays

If, in that enlightened age, there had been a competition for being the most girly, sweet little Lucy with her soft golden locks, her pretty pink Laura Ashley frocks, and her sing-song lispy voice, would have won it hands down.

Later on she surprised us by opting for electronics and engineering classes and at weekends took to showing and racing custom cars she built herself from parts liberated from scrap yards.

She reckoned her cars went faster because of the aromatherapy oils she measured in with the fuel. Lavender and rose petal were her favourites.

She died young but beautiful.


Written in response to Rochelle Wishoff-Fields‘ 100 word picture challenge. 


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37 Responses to Death in the Fast Lane

  1. Margaret says:

    Oh poor Lucy. She had a great future ahead of her. Fun story.

  2. You had me at lavender and rosemary. 😉

  3. My kind of gal all the way! Nice!

  4. Alice Audrey says:

    LOL. I used to call them killer airheads. They always acted dumb in class, but busted the grade curve.

  5. I never liked lavender much any way 😉

  6. Patrick, Creative story. Poor Lucy. She had to die to give the story an ending. You’re her creator. If you want to bring her back to please readers you can do it. Make her death a dream. 😀 At least she was a beautiful corpse. She probably even smelled good. Well written. 🙂 — Susan

  7. wildbilbo says:

    I have my doubts about the benefits of aromatherapy for people, let alone vehicles…
    Interesting take on the prompt!

  8. storydivamg says:

    Fun story this week, Patrick.


  9. ahtdoucette says:

    What a way to go. Adorable story.

  10. I love the mixture of motoroil and lavender.. she sounds like a wonderful girl

    • She was a great mechanic and a wonder in the kitchen. She could produce a wonderfully sensitive cheese soufflé within minutes of cleaning the grease from under her film star fingernails.

  11. Melanie says:

    At least she died with passion. Too many people go out without ever having tried to make their dreams come true. Sad ending to life, but aren’t all endings sad?

  12. Ditto what Honie said. I like the contrast in Lucy – PLUS I really like the name. Fits the character.

  13. Honie Briggs says:

    My girly side and my jet mechanic side can both relate to Lucy. Too bad she had to die.

  14. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Patrick,

    This was a delightful read. Thanks for concocting it from perfume and exhaust fumes.



  15. Sandra says:

    I like the idea of putting lavender and rosemary oil in today’s racing cars. That should give the driver something to think about. Nice idea, and the contrast was well-painted.

  16. Lucy sounds nice to me, and I like lavender and rose petal. Please don’t kill her off!

  17. Dear Patrick,

    Lucy was a bit of a contradiction, wasn’t she? Nicely done.



  18. Poor Lucy. Live fast, die young and beautiful, isn’t that what they say? (BTW, you’ve got ‘for’ twice in the second paragraph.)

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