Bad Drummer Jokes

“What do you call someone who knows nothing about music but hangs around with musicians?” riffed George. The others laughed like Scouser drains.

Ringo went pale. “That’s it,” he snarled, “I’ve had enough of you lot and your snide remarks. This time it’s gone too far.”

Within minutes the studio was trashed, guitars smashed, drums shattered. The sound engineer lay bleeding while the writer from Rolling Stone was slumped in an armchair crooning quietly at his ten broken fingers.

“C’mon lad. It’s only a joke,” harmonised John and Paul.

“Why didn’t you say so,” trilled Ringo. “Let’s make some music.”


“Why didn’t you say so,” trilled Ringo. “Love love me do.”


“Why didn’t you say so,” trilled Ringo. “Get the beers in.”


Written in response to this weeks Friday Fictioneers’ 100 word challenge.

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14 Responses to Bad Drummer Jokes

  1. That was fun and funny — but I do NOT see Ringo as a raging fury, somehow. This was fun, and I love the comment that someone made about Ringo threatening to bring out his banjo.
    What do you call a banjo at the bottom of the ocean?
    A good start.
    (I don’t agree with that, of course — I like ’em!)

  2. Sarah Ann says:

    Love the verb use – riffed, crooned, harmonised. Can’t imagine a trilling Ringo, but linking back to Rochelle, how about ‘Stop pulling my leg,’ trilled Ringo, ‘or I’ll fetch my banjo.’

  3. Dear Patrick, no wonder they were called the Beat-alls. It must have been while making Let it be. The poor engineer. Great story. LHN

  4. Or you could always ask yourself if they where beat-less 🙂

  5. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Patrick, Funny – what a mess that would be and all that broken equipment – not counting the guy who can’t write with all his broken fingers! Good story! Nan 🙂

  6. margirene says:

    or – ‘I don’t want to spoil the party, and I might be a real nowhere man, but could someone please call Doctor Robert?’ moans the poor journalist from his slumped position in the armchair.
    Fun story.

  7. All I see is chaos!!! Well done.

  8. Dear Patrick,

    It seems we both thought of Ringo this week. Interesting concept…would this be Ringo’s fantasy or he’d just had enough?



    • I actually made the mistake of reading yours before thinking about the prompt (never before, never again) and my needle got stuck in the Beatles/Ringo groove, and there you have it.

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