Thumbgate – please reblog

I know this isn’t the place to write about these things but police forces and governments seem to be trying to brush it under the carpet – or they don’t know how to address the issue. Of course the phone companies are saying it just isn’t true, it’s all hearsay, urban myth, apocryphal. We the public are being kept in the dark by some sort of establishment conspiracy and people are getting hurt as a result.

But speak to the people in any hospital accident and emergency department and you’ll hear a different story. Our local A&E – they’ve asked me not to name them – have had two cases of what people are now calling “thumb theft” in the last week, making it over forty in the past six months. That’s really bad.

It seems our muggers are becoming a lot more sophisticated nowadays – they do research! And what they now believe – rightly or wrongly – is that smartphone owners with the more sophisticated handsets tend to use their thumb for fingerprint identity on their phones. And so when these thugs take your phone (and the rest) off you, instead of all the hassle they face because you won’t give them the password, they simply cut off your thumb – normally from the right hand because, I suspect, that’s the norm – and, hey presto, they’ve got all they need!

And I’ve no doubt that with a little bit of time on Google, they can find out how to preserve the thumb for long term use simply using chemicals commonly found in the average kitchen. It’s not rocket science, I’m pretty sure.

So I’m asking anyone who reads this to copy it to everyone they know so we are all aware, and can stay safe using the simplest precautions – which should actually be clearly printed on the original packaging – if you’re using your smartphone in public, don’t let muggers see you using fingerprint recognition; use a code. You’ll be less likely to be mugged, and you get to keep your thumb. And write to your local newspaper demanding they publish the facts!

In the interest of all, please reblog this post.

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4 Responses to Thumbgate – please reblog

  1. plaridel says:

    for a while, i thought it wasn’t something you just made up. clever, you. 🙂

  2. Ha! That’s clever.

  3. Alice Audrey says:

    Do you think the thieves will notice that my phone is stupid?

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