August 2014

For Sunday Photo Fiction‘s 200 word challenge 10-august-10th-2014

The squadron of jet fighters came over the horizon and God looked down at his creation and frowned.

He seemed to have tunnel vision today. All he could see were clouds of debris, flying body parts, blood-stained walls, streets, and fields, and rivers flowing red. All he could hear was the rat-a-tat-tat of, of machine guns, of automatic pistols; all this over the boom-boom-boom of tank fire and long-range rocket launchers. If he listened more carefully he could detect the crack of snipers’ rifles, and the occasional bomb blast as martyrs drew their last breaths. All he could smell was blood. Blood and fear. Blood and hate. Blood and more blood.

He sighed. And to make it worse, he thought, is that all of this, every death, all these deaths of man, woman and child, every killing of man, woman and child, all of this, is in my name.

When, he asked himself, when would they ever learn?

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8 Responses to August 2014

  1. A great take on the prompt. The sad truth is history repeats it’s self. I’m not sure humankind will every learn. A sad and hard way of looking into the future.
    Your description of the attack, the destruction, the deaths was presented in words that made it easy to see why God thought may be he’d f**ked up.

  2. Pat says:

    Absolutely daring way of presenting God’s side of the story — interesting twist to this prompt – original to be sure.

  3. With so few words, I felt I was dragged right into the war zone – you captured the rawness and brutality so well. Sadly a topical issue, but then again, seems it has always been topical in the history of humankind.

  4. Al says:

    One word – Brilliant

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