This for Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge.

Image copyright: Marie Gail Stratford

He sat there, fork suspended between plate and mouth, staring into the distance.

This was the first time he had come here since she died only nine months ago. She had always had a fish dish, he a steak. They never argued over which wine. She would opt for a white, he usually a red but occasionally white. On special occasions they would order a bottle of bubbly.

This was the place where they would bring family; the children, their children, visiting siblings.

They were known to the staff. Well known.

The waitress smiled at him.

He started to eat.

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24 Responses to Solitary

  1. Wow. So much conveyed here in 100 words. Loved it.

  2. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Patrick, Sad and melancholy filled tale with a lot of emotion! Well done! Nan 🙂

  3. Very poignant story, so much sadness in so few words.

  4. This was the place where they would bring family This sentence says so much. He and she were a family extended by blood and friendship, now the waitress is family by tradition. Well done.

  5. I had to re-read this one but when I did, it was almost impossibly moving.

  6. Michael B. Fishman says:

    Nice job on capturing a mood with this. It was the waitresses smile that really made it stand out for me

  7. Patrick, Sad and realistic, but these things are part of life also. It sounds like he’s beginning to heal. Good and well-written story. 🙂 —Susan

  8. Dear Patrick,

    Reminds me of a couple who used to have lunch every day at our store. After he died, she still came but it was never the same. Well written and sad.



  9. hafong says:

    I saw him sitting there, fork in hand. Hope he can move on.


  10. Sarah Ann says:

    Hell that’s sad – so matter-of-factly written, but really heart wrenching. Well done for plucking my strings – feeling suitably miserable now.

  11. camgal says:

    How beautifully written and just a tad melancholic. I loved the way you gave them so much in so little words…I actually felt his loss. Good one.


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