Blink and you’ll see it again in a minute

Here’s a newcomer to the blogosphere. I used to work with him so be kind. He’s got a good camera eye.

pdkirkham - Looking for a different view

Some people like running. Some people like taking photos. Some people can do both, but can anybody do them both at the same time without ending up with a smorgasbord of fractures and a face like John Merrick?

Speaking personally, as I tend to do, I love running and I love running, I have just mastered the art of doing both at the same time. For starters, where do you put the camera? You can’t hang it round your neck like a distended and painful necklace. You can’t put it in your shorts as that would simply be a cheap, shallow and probably criminal boast. And, call me a snob, if you like, but using a camera phone just isn’t the same thing, not for me anyway. I may be on my own here, but camera phones should largely reside in the world of teenage girls with narcissistic tendencies and…

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