This for Johnny Winter

Hi Johnny,

Of course we have never met, but I sort of knew something about you, being the proud owner of one of your compilation records pressed way back in the early seventies and which had spent the past thirty three years in a storage box up until a few months ago when I converted it into digital format and burnt a cd to play on post-vinyl equipment.

I just love your music, or the little I’ve heard. Why? I suspect it’s the rough blues and the somewhat politically suspect  lyrics that the blues and true rock give us. And to my uneducated ear, your guitar playing is sublime.

Today The Guardian obit section (yep, you’ve died, sorry)  has a three quarter page article on you and your life. So much I didn’t know about you and so much of your music I haven’t heard nor even heard of. So Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote for you as did John Lennon. And you worked with Muddy Waters producing for him. And you haven’t really stopped making music.

I see you’ve done a cover of Jumping Jack Flash. Very nice.

Seems you did a lot of drugs which screwed up chunks of your life; maybe that’s part of the deal. But you managed, with the help of family and friends, to keep going. Indeed, I read there’s something due out later this year. I’m in the queue for that.

So, all-in-all, not too bad for a skinny cross-eyed albino from Texas.

(Your music is playing as I write this.)

Rest in peace.


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2 Responses to This for Johnny Winter

  1. He made music that lasts.

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