Robinson Crusoe is disappointed: a very short play

This for Sunday Photo Fiction

Time: sometime mid seventeenth century.
Place: a deserted island.

Robinson Crusoe, a shipwrecked sailor
Friday, resident of the island
A speechless parrot, unnamed.

Friday             Yo, Crusoe!
Crusoe            Friday, my man! How goes it?
Friday             It’s cool. Cool.

He stares at the object on the beach.

Friday             And what have we here?

Crusoe follows his gaze.

Crusoe            Ah, s’a boat. Y’know.
Friday             Nope. Don’t know. Another of the white man’s wonders? Like the umbrella.

Friday smiles teasingly. Crusoe gives his brolly a spin.

Crusoe            Yeah, somethin’ like that.
Friday             A boat. Very, er, yes, er, very very.
Crusoe           Why thank you, kind sir. Delighted you find it so, “very”.

He puts his arm around Friday.

Crusoe            It’s for us.
Friday             Us?
Crusoe            Yep. Look. Two seats. One for you, one for me.
Friday             So we sit in it? Both of us? Together? At the same time?

Crusoe beams. Does a little jig. Sings.

Crusoe            I think he’s got it, by George he’s got it.
Friday             Yeah, yeah. My Fair Lady. I know. Very Euro-centric.

He frowns.

Friday            But ah, but what about the master-servant relationship thing?
Crusoe           Ah, that. Easy. You sit in the back seat and I sit in front.
Friday            You sure?
Crusoe           Absolutely. No problem. Wanna try it out?

He jumps up and down in excitement.

Friday             Nah. Gotta have breakfast. Maybe later.
Crusoe            Cool. Call me.

Friday exits stage left
Crusoe looks longingly at the boat, sighs, stoops, and exits stage right.

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8 Responses to Robinson Crusoe is disappointed: a very short play

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    Great to see how their relationship has developed!

  2. Miranda Alcock says:

    The part I love about this, lol, is the jumping up and down!!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Steve Lakey says:

    I didn’t want this to end! 🙂

  4. Al says:

    Hahaha that made me laugh. I love the way you did it 😀

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