Après la fête

The coronation ceremonies and feasting were over and the streets deserted. The nobles and the clergy had returned to their palaces, the serfs to their hovels.

But all was not still.

The new king, at fifteen the youngest in Europe, had been having a busy afternoon.

“No need to waste time,” he’d said. “Let’s get on with the game.”

And so within hours he had arranged the execution of his two half-brothers, both pretenders to the throne, ordered the construction of the world’s largest roller-coaster in the palace grounds, and reintroduced the custom of jus primae noctis.

Ah, happy days.

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71 Responses to Après la fête

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Hi how are you, I saw you’d invested in the #honestcoffee venture on kickstarter and it made me look to see what you’re up to.

    Hope you’re keeping well, the blog makes for a very interesting read.


    • Hi Mike, A surprise visit. All fine with, enjoying life. Pleased you enjoyed some of the blog.
      Hope Manchester is in good shape. I do visit fairly regularly but never enough.
      Nice website you have there.

  2. Nan Falkner says:

    Good story – Probably the best form of government is a benevolent monarchy. i do love our form of government, but it is riddled with greed and corruption. Our founding fathers would role over in their graves had they known what was to be. Oh well – such is life! Great writing! Nan 🙂

    • I have to say that although I’m a socialist and although they are far too wealthy and privileged, I support the royal family here in the UK because I think they have a restraining influence on the politicians – who are all looking to get rich before the next election and to be re-elected at the time. Conversation at dinner parties can be quite robust at times! Thanks for comment.

  3. Sun says:

    your 15 year old character may seem childish in some ways but i get a feeling his mind works continuously above average. 🙂

  4. Alice Audrey says:

    Happy? For him maybe. I’ll stick to modern times.

  5. storydivamg says:

    What a little bastard! 🙂 Hope he enjoys the newly built roller coaster before his life becomes too much of one.


  6. hugmamma says:

    Okay, then. Off with their heads! There’s pressing business we must attend to…like having fun! Great story for ambitious teenagers…

  7. rgayer55 says:

    As Mel Brooks would say in History of the World, “It’s good to be King!”

  8. scrbwly says:

    if only this was only historical fiction…well-penned

  9. S(t)ri says:

    That’s very witty post.. enjoyed it!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  10. draliman says:

    He doesn’t hang around, does he? I wonder how long he’ll last?

  11. atrm61 says:

    Ah,all this at 15?Hedonistic ;-)A fun story Patrick -enjoyed-am still smiling 😀

  12. Sounds so much like a true story….. I guess ‘karma’ will get him in the end too. Very deftly written.

  13. Nothing like a confident, decisive ruler to take the reign…. sounds like he’s going to make a few changes.

  14. Roller coasters and serfs! What a delightful combo! Nice take on the prompt.

  15. Good story. He sounds like a throw-back to some of the worst Roman rulers. I Googled also and found out that it was probably just another way to tax people. “If you don’t pay me, I’ll do thus and so.” That sounds familiar. 😦 Well done. 🙂

  16. Dear Patrick,

    I love a piece that makes me dig and learn. Good for you for not spoon feeding the reader. 😉 This new king should make life fun and interesting.



  17. Sarah Ann says:

    Just what the country needs – a head strong powerful leader who knows what he wants and doesn’t have any time for dissenters. As a serf, I don’t plan on straying far from my hovel. Long may he reign?

  18. wmqcolby says:

    Now THAT’S a fun read. Enjoyed it, Patrick. Thanks!

  19. Oh I hope a maiden hide a dagger to put in his back.. Vive la republice !!!

  20. He sure didn’t waste any time! Sounds like a royal jerk. (I have a better name for him, which I not be so bold to write for fear of beheading). This was a very colorful and intriguing story!

  21. And a good time was had by at least one. I thought I was doing well to get the title, but then I reached the end and realized it was google time. If you’d used “droit du seigneur”, I’d have gotten it right away. I had an inclining, but thought I’d best check.


  22. elappleby says:

    Happy days for one person, anyway! I had to look up ‘jus primae noctis’ and then it all made sense. Vive la revolution!

  23. I immediately thought of Joffrey, too. Unnervingly, I could feel his excitement. Clever writing.

  24. Fun story — medieval steampunk — and I learned a new historical expression. And I thought that as my best subject! Thanks, Patrick.

  25. I’m with Hala– this reminds me of Joffrey. I too thought of this time frame, but the roller coaster would throw me off. 😉

  26. Sandra says:

    I hope he enjoys this brief interim rule. I don’t think his subjects will. 🙂

  27. Hala J. says:

    A roller coaster at the same time that serfs existed? Interesting. But what else would one expect from a 15-year-old? He reminds me so much of Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones!

  28. methinks this country is in trouble already!

  29. Happy days indeed. Good story!

  30. subroto says:

    So I googled up a new custom today. 🙂 Happy days only for the new king before they go ‘off with his head’.

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