The Ceremony

“May I welcome you all, monarchs, presidents, prime ministers, heads of the military, heads of churches, heads of financial institutions, major industries and corporations. As you are all aware we are gathered here to witness the total destruction of this the only known surviving image of the bell.

“The original, the bell itself, is of course held in a concrete vault deep down underneath Fort Knox. The people guarding this vault have been specially trained and indoctrinated. There is no way anybody could achieve access.

“After all, this is the Freedom Bell; we don’t want ordinary citizens anywhere near it.”

For Friday Fictioneers.

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30 Responses to The Ceremony

  1. camgal says:

    Great take on this. What came to my mind was Freedom is Slavery from Orwell’s 1984 🙂

  2. Sarah Ann says:

    It’s scary how this rings true (no pun intended). A great take on the prompt.

  3. Freedom does not mean the same to everyone… and of course everyone can’t be free how would that look? (ironic grin) … great take

  4. Dear Patrick,

    Too true for too many. Well done.



  5. That last line made me squint my eyebrows and shake my head.

  6. vbholmes says:

    Freedom seems to get further and further away–strong message here, Patrick.

  7. Amy Reese says:

    Oh, I love it. Your story is not too far from the truth. Great story, Patrick!

  8. K.Z. says:

    sad but true… i like your original take on the photo.

  9. atrm61 says:

    That’s so sad when some people think they own all the right and privileges!A unique take and well written:-)

  10. A thought-provoking story that sits well in these times of ‘freedom v security’

  11. Well-written story with a warning for all. It’s too bad that freedom is only a mirage in so many places.

  12. Of course not everyone may think they all are free.

  13. No kidding. 😦


  14. So original. Well said, Patrick.

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