We no longer love

What does it take to wreck a marriage? Let us count the ways.

It’s usually the little things, the unimportant silly little things that do the trick. You’ll all know what I mean – the arguments about how to stack the dishwasher, who mislaid the car keys, the damp towel lying on the bathroom floor. The tiny imperceptible cuts from these oh so minor hurts that stack up. Slowly. Insidiously.

And then, a final stab.

For us it was the colour for the living room walls. She demanded ivory white, I screamed for citrus pale.

And now, bleakly, we no longer love.

This for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers.

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32 Responses to We no longer love

  1. I can’t imagine all those little things killing a marriage but then again I can.
    Very thought provoking piece.

  2. plaridel says:

    call me slow, on first reading your story I didn’t see how it related to the picture. on second reading, it finally dawned on me. you used the picture as a metaphor for a marriage that was beyond repair. well done.

  3. Subroto says:

    “the unimportant silly little things that do the trick”
    That is so true and we often miss the bigger picture seething over little things. Nicely done.

  4. rgayer55 says:

    I have to echo Doug’s comments. This is excellent writing. On the flip side, there are little things people do for each other in a good relationship that are like building blocks to make it stronger. But I can certainly understand the paint color issue.

  5. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Patrick,

    mark this down as one of the really good ones ever. No, seriously….. I hope you see it, because I do…and it is brilliant.



  6. Dear Patrick,

    Having recently had a “discussion” on how to load the dishwasher with my husband, I relate to this. Happily, it occurred to me that it’s one of those things that doesn’t matter. How many husbands actually load the dishwasher?
    Marvelous piece full of truth and pathos. One of my favorites this week.



  7. Oh, sadness. It’s funny how you can fight and squabble over those little, trivial things and they stack up. That’s true. Nice writing.

  8. Jan Brown says:

    Good story! We humans are funny little mixed-up animals, aren’t we?

  9. MissTiffany says:

    Sad and sometimes true. Nice job.

  10. Linda Vernon says:

    ahahah! Loved this!

  11. Oh yes. Understood.

  12. Sandra says:

    Good one Patrick, nice reflective tone to it.

  13. kz says:

    well done. your intro line definitely caught my attention. i think i’m just relieved that i can’t relate to this story 🙂 lol

  14. draliman says:

    Very true. I guess lots of little things eventually make up one big thing.
    I hope that’s a figurative “stab” (in keeping with the “tiny… cuts”)!

  15. Well done and perceptive. Lived through ’em all I have! Slowly. Insidiously.

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