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The world of medicine is in disarray after the charity BBA presented its latest research suggesting that ball-blindness, a malicious and debilitating disease that brings misery to countless first-world children, also indirectly affects parents who want to see their offspring become high-earning child-prodigy sports stars.

The charity says that since it was found that the use of dogs to support sufferers was shown to be contra-indicative, society has a duty to find new ways to prevent and cure this condition.

The BBA funds research into both areas. Concerned citizens can donate £10 to support the Association’s activities by texting SUCCOUR to 709965.

One hundred words or so written in response to the visual prompt at Rochelle Wishoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers.

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20 Responses to Breaking News

  1. Thanks for bringing awareness to this important issue 😉

  2. kz says:

    made me laugh, made me shake my head as well. good one 🙂 happy 2014

  3. rgayer55 says:

    I’ll set up a post office box for the donations. We can have this, especially in 1st world countries.

  4. And if you like this, I know a prince in Nigeria who wants to give you a million dollars.


  5. Find a cure quick. Suffers tend to become depressed if not cured. 🙂 good story.

  6. Ball Blindness? So that’s what I had all those years I sucked at sports! Wish I’d had that excuse years ago but thanks for it now, Partrick.

  7. Jan Brown says:

    Good one! Very funny 🙂 🙂

  8. Ha.. yes that ball-blindness is devastating… it can make it necessary for kids to become awful things like engineers or doctors… shudder… we need more sport-stars

  9. Dear Patrick,

    I wonder if this is akin to that dastardly American childhood disease Affluenza.

    Great story…subtly sad and funny at the same time.



  10. liz young says:

    tHIS IS THE FIRST ONE i READ THIS WEEK AND IT MADE ME LAUGH – I HOPE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO? bother – didn’t deactivate capitals – soory!

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