Nearly there!

This for this week’s Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge.


Nearly there! God, my knees are sore. Bandaged. Bleeding. So far 12 miles. On my knees. But a pilgrimage is a pilgrimage is a pilgrimage and penance is penance is penance, so it’ll be worth it. That’s if I’m ever to stand up again, ever to skip the light fandango again.

I could have done the walking bit, the Camino di Santiago de Compostela. That would have been much easier. But I reckon this deal gets me special privileges in paradise. Knees always trump feet.

Plus I’ve had an unlimited supply of Big Macs for wearing the Golden Arch t-shirt.

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28 Responses to Nearly there!

  1. atrm61 says:

    Eeeps first & then hee!hee!What a cool take 😀

  2. Oh I wouldn’t trust that you go to heaven on double arches… 🙂

  3. Dear Patrick,

    There’s penance and, then, there’s penance. Big Mac’s for life? Ugh…sounds like food hell. Nice one.



  4. Hi Patrick,
    Nice turnaround at the end. It’s going to be hard to skip the fandango after all those Big Macs! Ron

  5. Knees trump feet = good line.

  6. mike olley says:

    The pilgrimage martyr stakes are always risky: thinking you’ll get to heaven first by ruining your knees only to find you’ve been beaten by the bloke who’s just a head : )

    Nice one.

  7. I thought at first this was taking place during the Crusades with a modern day McDonald’s twist. But jargon like “the walking bit” works against that. Still, a fun effective piece!

  8. Oh, no. Big Macs for life…

  9. helenmidgley says:

    The last line was a killer, lol 🙂

  10. Okay, that was a crazy story. And now, god help me, I want a Big Mac.

  11. draliman says:

    That’s quite an achievement – 12 miles on nothing but Big Macs 🙂

  12. Ye Pirate says:

    Killer last line! And SO true! I remember doing a ‘run for Africa’ in summer once. Mc Donalds were launching biscuits at that time and as a promotion they had a stand giving dry biscuits to runners in the midday heat, so the road was littered with dry smashed biscuits in a run against starvation.

  13. Sandra says:

    Unlimited supply of big macs? The man deserves an endurance medal. Nice one Patrick.

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