Heaven: Day One


“Before we carry on with our induction, some formalities. Firstly, there are no toilets, for obvious reasons, and secondly, if you hear the fire bell, well, that’s the end of it for all of us. That would mean that things have gone terribly wrong.

“A few words about etiquette. As you came through the gate I heard some of you refer to the man as Pete. Not on. Verboten. He is St Peter to you, unless he says otherwise. Capisce.

“Now ahead of you is where the angels hang out, party etc. Note, until you get your wings, keep out!”

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18 Responses to Heaven: Day One

  1. This is great, funny. From the induction to this is where the angels party, can’t go there till you get your wings – all very creative and comical. Woudn’t surprise if you hear from an agent for a movie deal. Randy

  2. That tickled me, loved the line about the toilets.

    • I’m getting confused here and responding to the wrong comments. Thanks for reading. I wasn’t sure about keeping that in but sometimes one just follows one’s instincts.

  3. kz says:

    lol that was funny 🙂 no toilets? i wonder where the rain comes from..

  4. Dear Patrick,

    So that’s what heaven’t like? Good one.



  5. In heaven, I’m in heaven! One has to be instructed how to behave there too? Might as well stay here then?

    • No no no no. Once you get your wings it’s really cool. Lots of parties. We’re talking heaven, here. Inhibition? Pah! You’ve left those behind together with things like washing the dishes and putting on deodorants.

  6. Gabriella says:

    Clever and funny take on this photo !

  7. troy P. says:

    I heard he sometimes goes by “P-dawg.”

  8. What I want to know is where’s the bowling alley? You know, the one where during storms people say the angels are bowling in heaven? 🙂


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