Uh oh!

It’s universally known as the TikTok. Ultradeep miners had come across it in the solid core when surveying for uranium. It took scientists mere weeks to bring to to the surface and establish that this is the earth’s flywheel. Leading horologists from Switzerland showed that it was slightly out of kilter and fixing it would lead to positive changes in the earth’s climate negating any further need to burn carbon-based fuels. And will so end all wars. This is achieved by adding a weight of two, and only, repeat only, two people to the outer ring.

Uh oh!

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15 Responses to Uh oh!

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    Just typical that we find a simple solution, but more people than are allowed want to get in on the act. Enjoyed reading.

  2. Dear Patrick,

    What a fun take on the prompt. So much for world peace though. 😉



  3. I hope you had as much fun writing this as I did reading it. If all war were just due to use of biofuels, life would be much simpler.


  4. Sandra says:

    Now that’s ‘thinking outside the box’. Nice one.

  5. kathy vollmer says:

    What a hoot Pat! Made me chuckle….

  6. Jan Brown says:

    Very inventive!!! Loved the ending–like real life, there’s always a muck-up!

  7. Kwadwo says:

    Don’t we all wish this was the way to achieve world peace and curtail the need for biofuels.

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