Don’t Do It

 For this week’s Wednesday Write-in

Never look at your partner’s personal diary or screen. Unless invited. It‘s a bad thing. It can be a life-changer. Best not to know. And so my rule is, don’t look. Ever. If she is out of the house gone to get a takeaway for the two of you and you wander into her office and the diary on her desk is wide open at last Saturday’s page, the Saturday she spent with some old school mates, one of whom was once upon a time sweet on her and she was sweet on him, and it’s screaming, screaming, “Read me, read me, it’s all here, you’re just dying to know, don’t be so squeamish”, or her laptop is on and flashing like the eyes of a hundred beauties in a harem, pleading, “Look, look, here’s an email to read, she won’t know, she won’t know, she probably wants you to read it anyhow, read me, read me”, don’t do it. Resist. Eschew it. Abjure it. Foreswear it. Turn your back on it. Say, “Get thee behind me Satan, you ridiculous looking goat”, or something like that.

If you had gone into her office to fetch something, a pen, a disc, a dirty cup to put in the dishwasher, whatever, then squeeze your eyes shut as hard as you can, put some blue tack in your ears, and feel your away around until you find what you came for and get out of there. Pronto. Tout de suite. Unmittelbar. Straks. Don’t push your luck. Don’t mess with the Moirai. Say no to a dance with destiny.

Do what I say and not what I did.

I fell, I succumbed, I ate from the tree of life. I read the email. Well, she had only just started it. But that was enough. The To box showed every person in our shared lives. The Subject read simply, “Change of Address”.

Life’s not been the same since.

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8 Responses to Don’t Do It

  1. Emmaleene Leahy says:

    I really enjoyed the flow to this and also your use of imagery. Your use of the long sentence is very effective in the 1st paragraph. There is some advice these days against long sentences but it is a characteristic devise of flash fiction and I think you use it well here to tell a whole story and show how it can be done well.Your imagery also works to tell the story by locating the reader in the setting, and also adds humour. I loved “put some blue tack in your ears”; very funny. Thanks for an enjoyable read!

  2. Elaine McKay says:

    I love the humour – knowing that he is warning us against something we know he did, and we know it early on, too. I am not sure what damage looking actually did. That was my only concern. I really enjoyed it and loved how you used ‘change of address’.

  3. Tessa Sheppard says:

    The ‘change of address’ was put to great use here. I could really feel the emotions in this story. Good job! 🙂

  4. Elaine Peters says:

    Well, he shouldn’t have peeked! That’s why they say ‘ignorance is bliss’. I really enjoyed this with its mix of very long and very short sentences.

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