Requited Love


Short piece for Friday Fictioneers. Prompt is image of Gaudi building, copyright – Kent Bonham.

Requited Love 

It was love at first sight. How could one not love this building. Those shapes, those lines, those windows (see its soul). The colours, that fringe of green.

Of course there are others. I’m essentially monogamous, but also feebly human. Think Chrysler, Guggenheim, Notre Dame. They have all stolen my heart at one time or another.

But this time it’s different. This time the building returns my love. It phones me day and night, sends postcards, blushes when I walk by. It’s stalking me.

I’ve reported it but the police say I’m imagining it. “You! Who would bother with you?” they say.

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30 Responses to Requited Love

  1. Thanks. May your smile last long.

  2. Sarah Ann says:

    Love the idea of the building stalking one of its lovers. Made me smile.

  3. neenslewy says:

    We often fall in love with buildings, I love the way that you turn that on its head.

  4. Dear Patrick,
    This has a Twilight Zone feel to it. There was an episode where a computer fell in love with operator and controlled his life. Watch out for that building.

  5. Shreyank says:

    enjoyed this.. creative 🙂

  6. Very different take. Enjoyable but different. It def left me thinking..

  7. Patrick, that was very imaginative and enjoyable!


  8. elappleby says:

    I wouldn’t put it past this building to turn stalker! It does look almost alive.
    I really enjoyed your story 🙂

  9. Helly says:

    This one made me smile. I love reading the stories where the writers have imagined the building as an active character. It’s imaginative and fun. 🙂

  10. I can certainly see a bashful twinkle of a window in that building… but postcards? that’s impressive.

  11. One of my top ten favourites for this flash fiction prompt. Well written, so the speaker’s insanity only gradually becomes apparent. And it’s funny too!

  12. Sandra says:

    What a great take on the prompt! Well done.

  13. Anne Orchard says:

    Some loves might be better unrequited, I guess! Perhaps he’ll be more cautious with his favours in the future. This made me laugh, well done.

  14. Carrie says:

    you never know what those old buildings are capable of!

  15. Haha! I really enjoyed your piece, just a fun read with good flow. I love how your second to last paragraph got more and more ridiculous; I kept trying to justify his statements until “it stalked me.” Delightful!

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